Why We Believe in Local

We believe supporting BC brands has a positive impact on the people in our communities, local food security, the local economy, and the environment.

What is "local" to BCLocalRoot.ca? We have chosen to look at local from the provincial level and celebrate the diversity and abundance of food and beverage brands within BC. We acknowledge that there are many interpretations of "local" and one is not more correct than the other.

BCLocalRoot.ca currently carries brands from 10 regional districts across the province.

People & Community

We support BC producers and processors because they work so hard to make our food and deserve the recognition. They are our family, friends, and neighbours.

We strive to create meaningful connections between consumers and the food they purchase from us by highlighting the people behind the brands.

When you buy a product that was grown or made in BC you are buying it from someone in your "community" and therefore your purchase is positively impacting the lives of people in your "community".

Food Security

We believe that it is our responsibility to support a secure province-wide food system by educating our consumers to the importance of purchasing and eating local.

BC has more than 4,000 food brands available in this vibrant and diverse local economy. We believe that everything we truly need is right here at home in BC.

Our recent shared experience has shown us how easily global supply chains can be disrupted. We believe it is important to nurture our local producers and processors.

The Local Economy

In 2019 LOCO BC commissioned a study to measure the impact of consumer spending at locally owned businesses. The findings are powerful. 

Local businesses:

Recirculate up to 4.6 times more revenue in the local economy than multinationals

Recirculate up to $63 of every $100 in revenue in the local economy, compared to $14 for multinationals

Produce up to 8.4 times more jobs & up to 8.1 times more revenue than multinationals

Spend up to 31.4% of their revenue on B.C. products & services

Donate up to 24 times more per dollar of revenue to local charities that multinationals

And a 10% shift in B.C. consumer spending towards independent businesses would create 14,150 jobs & keep $4.3 billion in the B.C. economy.

The Environment

Sourcing BC grown and made products as well as purchasing in-season helps minimize the environmental impact of the food we eat.

Buying local minimizes your "FoodPrint" as a consumer, when food travels less distance to make it to you it means less greenhouse gas emissions released.