About Us

Who We Are

BCLocalRoot.ca's mission is to engage and empower our communities to choose an economic and food secure future by purchasing BC only food and beverage products.

Our Roots

Good to Grow, created in 2011, is a teaching, coaching, mentoring, and industry event company working to support local BC producers and processors to introduce and grow their brands in multiple market channels. The Company works with BC food and beverage brands in all stages of business: Seed (start-up), Sprout (emerging) and Growth (expansion).

The devastation that transpired as a result of COVID-19 created both a challenge and an opportunity for our local food community. It severely impacted small producers and processors sales due to the closure of farmers’ markets, restaurants, and food trucks as well as halted any new grocery listings. The pandemic also highlighted our reliance on imported products as shelves were left empty due to disruptions in the global supply chains.

In an effort to support local food security and celebrate all BC has to offer, Good to Grow reached out to local producers and processors and created an on-line grocery platform for BC ONLY food and beverage products called BCLocalRoot.ca. As a trusted mentor and educator within the BC food and beverage arena, it was a natural progression for Good to Grow to expand its role supporting BC brands and create a place for food producers and processors to sell their products.

Our Future

To be the number one source for BC food and beverage products.

To be the leader in creating connections between consumers and their food.

To be a positive force within the BC economy by recirculating dollars in the province.

What We Believe 

People First

We support BC producers and processors because they work so hard to make our food and deserve the recognition. They are our family, friends, and neighbours.

We create meaningful connections between consumers and the food they purchase from us by highlighting the people behind the brands.

Food Security

We believe that is our responsibility to support a secure food system by educating our consumers to the importance of purchasing and eating local.

BC has more than 4,000 food brands available in this vibrant and diverse local economy. We believe that everything we truly need is right here at home in BC.

The Environment

Sourcing BC grown and made products as well as purchasing in-season helps minimize the environmental impact the food we eat has.

Your Safety

BCLocalRoot.ca has been working closely with local health authorities in Metro Vancouver from the start to ensure the food we distribute and the way we operate is compliant and safe for you.

In addition to local regulations, we are adhering to those put forth by Health Canada and the World Health Organization. Gloves, hairnets and jackets are worn while receiving, picking and packing, and delivering your orders. Our facility, storage bins, shelves, and delivery truck are sanitized daily.