Local for the Holidays


Everything you truly need is right here at home in BC!


When you buy from local businesses up to 63 cents of every dollar in revenue is recirculated back into the local economy, versus just 14 cents when you buy from multinationals. (LOCO BC).

Customer Testimonials

I chose to shop at BC Local Roots because I want to shop local, support local economy and business and eat healthier while supporting businesses that promote the lifestyle I want to live!

Sandeep D.

Thanks for the delivery! What a great find. We will order again. I follow a special diet for an autoimmune disease, so it was great to find some healthy products I could eat, as well as items for the rest of my family.

Tracy C.

More taste; less waste!
There are so many fabulously delicious products, and I love that they are all BC-local! Easy re-ordering plus delivery saves me precious time! Replacing wasteful plastic bins (that eventually go to landfill), cardboard boxes, and plastic ice bags, with basic paper packaging makes great sense! BC Local Root delivers more taste, less waste!

Helen M.

Thank YOU! <3 <3 <3 It's an awesome service! I love all the options available.

Katie Shard

Loving my groceries I ordered from new company, BCLocalRoot.ca. Easy to order online for delivery and you'll be supporting BC farmers and processors. Local food security matters! Check it out and share!

Jennifer G.

I received my order today! I highly recommend this company, easy ordering and delivery of excellent products.

Easter brunch and dinner will be delicious. Thank you BCLocalRoot.ca!

Vicky M.

This week was my first BCLocalRoot.ca delivery, and I am so happy with my order! There are a lot of grocery delivery services out there but I decided to try BCLocalRoot.ca because of their focus on supporting BC local brands.

The variety of products is great and offered options for all of my meal planning, plus some delicious snacks and drinks. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again.

Megan C.

Love our deliveries! The whole family waits for that Saturday morning bag of goodies from you (especially the sliced sourdough)! The only downside to our deliveries is that my dad has discovered the joy of Tao chocolate orbs and they magically disappear when I'm not expecting it!


Another delivery from new company BCLocalRoot.ca! They will deliver locally sourced and produced delicious food right to you. Great way to support local businesses. Check them out!

Larissa D.