‘Yamas!’ In Greek, it means ‘to your health’ and is a wish often shared among friends and family. 

Yumasoy Om Noms are plant based meat alternatives made from whole soybeans and all recognizable, natural ingredients.  Available in Teriyaki, Italian Herb, and Thai Yellow Curry flavours, Om Noms are meant to be savoured and enjoyed – not just eaten. Simply heat, toss with your favourite veg and/or carb, and delight in a delicious, wholesome meal. Yum!

Founder Gina Arsens and her family were moving to a plant-based diet but struggled to find protein sources that were enjoyable, easy to make, and wholesomely produced. Her partner, chef and nutritionist Steevi McNeely, wanted to share the positive impacts of eating healthily without compromising taste, convenience, or joy. Together, they offer you a truly yummy alternative.  

Yumasoy: Deliciously Real.  

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