Driven by their passion for food, Tempea's story started in a kitchen. To be exact, a kitchen inside BCIT’s Food Technology lab. During their final semester, Richard, Ariela, Elia and Andrew joined a product development competition organized by Pulse Canada called Mission Impulseible and created a chickpea-lentil tempeh nugget that they named “Tempea”. They had the privilege of winning the regional competition, after which they took their product to compete in the nationals. With amazing feedback received from industry professionals and mentors, the four decided to make their fictional company a reality.

Although they’re not from a long line of tempeh makers, they are here today because they want people to have access to good food – food that doesn’t lack flavour or nutrition, food that supports the local community, and food that has a minimal impact on the environment. We thought it was too good to be true, but the answer was right before us. The Tempea team want to encourage everyone to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle by giving you a healthy alternative to meat, or to diversify your current plant-based diet.

Learn more about Tempea by visiting their website.

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