Tayybeh, the Arabic word for kind and delicious, is a food company and social enterprise that is taking Vancouver by storm!

Tayybeh began as an initiative in 2016 that organized ticketed pop-up Syrian dinners across the Lower Mainland with proceeds supporting newcomer Syrian women chefs who masterfully prepared exquisite buffets featuring authentic family recipes for hundreds of diners at community centres, schools, places of worship.

Tayybeh was officially launched as a social enterprise to provide steady employment opportunities for Syrian newcomer women as well as an opportunity for community building and social integration. In a short five years, Tayybeh has grown by leaps and bounds, employing numerous women who have become notable chefs in the city's culinary scene.

Their regional Syrian food is unique in Vancouver. It’s cooked slowly, carefully curated, authentically crafted and beautifully presented by Tayybeh's top Syrian women chefs!

Learn more about Tayybeh by visiting their website.

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