Saltspring Harvest

The idea behind the creation of Saltspring Harvest was sparked during a conversation between friends and founders, Babs and Zoe. Babs was regaling Zoe with her adventures making bathtubs full of vege pate for a Buddhist retreat a few decades ago (a bathtub being the biggest vessel at hand) and Zoe was lamenting the lack of good végé-pâté options in grocery stores. Inspiration struck, and Saltspring Harvest was born.

 While Babs retired a few years ago, her can-do spirit lives on in our tiny production kitchen in the woods of Salt Spring Island. Here, we make all our products lovingly by hand, with a focus on delicious, plant-based, nut-free ingredients. We believe that good food brings people together and that we all benefit from working toward an environmentally and socially just world – one bathtub at a time.

Kidding – no bathtubs, promise ;)

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