Fuse and Sip

Monique and Karen are two old friends who met in university and have shared many-a-drink together discussing all of life's juicy topics! From the boys they liked, to the men they married, to attempting to raise small humans, they have covered it all, usually over drinks - you get the theme here! 

When they both lost their jobs due to Covid, they decided to take the plunge and start a business together and created Fuse and Sip.

Monique and Karen wanted to create a premium drink infusion kit made with real fruit, herbs and flowers, that not only looks beautiful, is packaged and sourced sustainably, but it also tastes delicious. Fuse and Sip was born to embrace all those juicy moments that are meant to be shared.

Their drink infusion kits are all handcrafted and contain all natural ingredients with no additives or sulphurs.  They are simple, clean and made from dehydrated fruit, herbs, flowers and organic cane sugar.  

For the cocktail or mocktail drink kits simply add to your favorite alcohol (or water), infuse, and top with sparkling water to enjoy a bar-worthy cocktail (or mocktail) anywhere complete with garnishes. 

For they sangria drink kit simply add your favourite rosé wine, infuse, and top with sparkling water to enjoy a delicious sangria anywhere, complete with beautiful garnishes.  

All ingredients are sourced from Canadian suppliers, their packaging is compostable (where facilities exist)  and has a 3 year shelf life, and their production facility is located in Squamish BC.

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