Forest Bean

Forest Bean is a naturally grown coffee produced under the shades of native trees on the micro-lot farms of the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage landmark. Forest Bean's farms preserve wildlife and natural environments and contribute to the livelihood of Indigenous farmers and artisans.

For all coffee lovers who care about the environment, Forest Bean is a two-tiered shade-grown, naturally-grown coffee from a co-operative of micro-lot farms that best delivers a refreshing taste with the aroma of the forest. They partner with local Indigenous farmers, who handpick every bean and roast them to perfection. At Forest Bean Inc. they strive towards promoting traditional farming solutions to the environmental crisis by connecting beans to biodiversity.

Their vision is to create a global brand of premium coffee that enhances biodiversity and forms partnerships with local Indigenous Peoples.

Their mission is to inspire and foster harmony between people and nature by celebrating rich biodiversity, culture, and the taste of Indian coffee.

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