Elderberry Grove Farm


Since 2017, founders Louise and Jed, are proud to offer the only BC-grown elderberry syrup! It all starts with organic elderberries grown at their farm, Elderberry Grove, on unceded Secwepemc Nation, today known as Salmon Arm, BC, CA. Picked and fresh-squeezed by Jed & Louise themselves, this berry-full syrup has tons of fruitful goodness.

Elderberry Syrup is their most popular offering; loaded with organic elderberries fresh from their farm, sweetened with organic BC honey plus a little bit of organic lemon juice. This elderberry syrup is a family staple loved by kids of all ages.

Elderberry has been a treasured food and medicine for thousands of years. It's an adaptive native plant to North-America and Europe. Elderberry is an amazing food for humans, animals, birds and insects alike! From helping with colds and flus to reducing inflammation, alleviating arthritis and tasting really good!

A note from Louise and Jed: "Thank you to the wild elders growing nearby our home! After experiencing the benefits of fresh elderberries we were inspired to plant our own elderberry grove. While other elderberry syrups are made with imported dehydrated berries we kept wondering why did ours look and taste so vibrant & yummy? Its simple, really. We are delighted to grow our own fresh-squeezed berries to maximize the bioshield of benefits."

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