Beekind Honey Infusions was founded in the summer of 2018 and is run by Kirsten Brolin, daughter Kennedy Brolin, and son Connor Brolin. All of their products are crafted with love and hard work.

Their honey is produced locally by their own bees.  They run 150 hives that are located across the lower mainland. The BeeKind bees work hard to produce wildflower, blueberry, and cranberry honey for you to enjoy, while they work hard to keep the bees healthy and happy!  Nothing is added to their honey, it is always 100% pure and unpasteurized.

All their infusions are made with whole herbs or flowers, they do not use essential oils. BeeKind strongly believes in buying local, so whenever possible, they use locally sourced flowers, roots, and herbs.

Learn more about BeeKind by visiting their website.

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