Yumasoy - Thai Yellow Curry Om Noms, 150g

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Yumasoy Om Noms are plant based meat alternatives made from whole non-GMO soybeans and all recognizable, natural ingredients.  Available in Teriyaki, Italian Herb, and Thai Yellow Curry flavours, Om Noms are meant to be savoured and enjoyed – not just eaten. Simply heat, toss with your favourite veg and/or carb, and delight in a delicious, wholesome meal. Yum!

2.5 servings

Ingredients: Soy curls (non-GMO, whole soybeans), Coconut milk, Rice vinegar, Coconut Sugar, Powdered onion, garlic and ginger, Arrowroot powder, Lemon grass powder, Salt, Tumeric, Coriander. Contains: Soy

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