Saltspring Harvest Vegan Herb Pate 200g

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Handmade on Salt Spring Island using organic ingredients in a certified gluten free kitchen. With a base of sunflower seeds and root vegetables, the végé-pâtés have a soft but substantial texture perfect for spreading on sandwiches or wraps, sprinkling on top of salads or serving on a charcuterie board. Saltspring Harvest végé-pâtés are yummy, wholesome and high in protein.

Free from preservatives, eggs, dairy, wheat, soy and nuts, they are a perfect addition to plant-based diets and those who have food sensitivities.

Ingredients: potatoes*, onions*, sunflower seeds*, water, carrots*, canola oil*, brown rice flour*, nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar*, ground flax*, mustard powder*, sea salt, spices*. ORGANIC*