The Indian Pantry - Goan Vindaloo Simmering Sauce, 450g, Frozen

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The Indian Pantry founder and owner, Chef Tushar, realized that there was a large gap in the spice industry in Vancouver. Most grocery stores had ambiguous ‘curry’ spice mixes lining the aisles and nothing that was an accurate reflection of Indian cuisine, especially the various state-based cuisines.

The Indian Pantry spices used in the simmering sauces are small batch roasted and ground right here in Vancouver. Tushar is looking at sourcing them directly from India with a plan in mind to benefit farmers directly. All of the products use heirloom recipes from Tushar's family and friends and have a great deal of history and stories behind them.

Goa is a tourist mecca on the Southwest coast of India has its own amazing flavours, with many influences. This is a Portuguese inspired dish, and every Catholic Goan home has its version. Best eaten with rice or crusty bread!

The Portuguese invaded Goa and brought their people, traditions and cuisine to this bountiful coastline. Vindaloo is spicy, reddish brown in colour and consists mainly of tomatoes, vinegar, garlic and freshly ground spices. Traditionally cooked with pork, this sauce tenderizes the meat as it gently cooks in it but works just as well with any other protein or crispy potatoes, mushrooms, or even mixed veggies and chickpeas. 

Instructions: Add the Indian Pantry Goan Vindaloo sauce to one pound of the protein or vegetables of your choice, coat well and then add half a cup of water and simmer until heated through. The veggies or protein should be parboiled when you add them. Serve over rice or dunk a crusty dinner roll into this tangy goodness!

Ingredients: Canola oil, Onions, Tomatoes, Ginger, Garlic, Tamarind Paste, Distilled Vinegar, cumin, black pepper, mustard seeds, turmeric, chili powder, cinnamon