Organic Ocean Side Stripe Shrimp Tails - Frozen 1 lb (35 - 45 Count) Portion

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Organic Ocean is part of the Ocean Wise seafood program, a certified B Corporation, and a member of 1% for the Planet.

These sashimi quality Side Strip Shrimp tails come frozen in seawater in 1lb containers. Harvested in the coastal inlets and fjords of the North coast of British Columbia, the Side. Because they are herbivores they are caught via beam trawl and a finely graded & highly selective net. As they are caught, the Side Stripe shrimp are immediately sorted and graded for size, tailed, rinsed and flash-frozen at extremely low temperatures in brine-filled containers preserving the remarkably sweet yet delicate flavour and firm texture without the use of chemicals. Many of these shrimp will contain roe or eggs. The roe is edible and quite delicious. It has a much more mild flavour in comparison to ikura, salmon roe.

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