Mandair Farms Local Strawberries - 1 flat of 12 pints (10lbs / 4.54kg)

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12 pints (10lbs / 4.54kg) of local strawberries from Abbotsford, BC. 

Farming in the Mandair family can be traced back for generations, starting in the fertile lands of Punjab, India. Surinder and Jasbir Mandair began their journeys separately in Canada in the late 70’s, and married in 1981, thus beginning their journey as young farmers that would face the trials and tribulations of being new immigrants trying to obtain the Canadian dream of integration and success.

Their children were taught the values of growing their own food and the passion for agriculture was slowly passed down to the next generation. In 2005, the Mandair’s were presented with a great opportunity to purchase their current home and property. Twelve years ago, Surinder, Jasbir and their four children reignited their love for agriculture; 889 Clearbrook Roadin Abbotsford has become the central hub for the Mandair Farms operation.

In the span of 12 year Mandair Farms has fully embraced this second chance and dedicated their lives to cultivating and producing beautiful berries, vegetables and flowers! With new innovative farming technologies and practices Mandair Farms is dedicated to producing top quality local fresh food.