Khoe Plant-Based Vegan Spring Rolls, 275g, Frozen

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Khoe Plant-Based is a vegan brand based in Vancouver, BC that offers plant-based Vietnamese foods. They focus on inspiring the local community to eat & explore more plant-based eats by creating vibrant & bold dishes for everyone to enjoy, regardless of diet.

Ingredients: Filling: Taro, carrot, onion, vermicelli, vegan ground meat (water, soy protein concentrate, expeller pressed canola oil, cane sugar, sea salt, yeast extract, onion powder, garlic powder, caramel color, natural flavours, spices), wood ear mushroom, vegetable oil, salt, seasoning. Wrapper: Wheat flour, water, vegetable oil, salt, ascorbic acid. Sauce: Water, vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic, Thai red chili, soy sauce. Contains: Soy, wheat