Local Pulse Cocoa & Buckwheat GooPea Plant-Based Muesli 550g

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GooPea is a plant-protein packed muesli that fuels your everyday adventure with a simply super mix of organic oats, seeds and pea protein isolate that’s ready when you are!

For busy families, students and professionals who want a complete breakfast with minimal preparation, GooPea boasts a complete amino acid profile, complex carbohydrates, fibre and omega-3’s and can be easily enjoyed as an instant hot cereal or overnight oats.


Add a personal touch of yogurt, fruit or your favourite granola.

Just add water or milk in a jar, shake and GOO! 

Cocoa & Buckwheat is a chocolatey explosion of organic cocoa, crunchy raw buckwheat and raw sunflower seeds.

GooPea is crafted with love in the British Columbia interior using 89% organic ingredients.

This nutritional powerhouse is formulated as an easy meal replacement for our fellow GOO-getters!

Enjoy as:

- Overnight Oats

- Hot Cereal

- Smoothie nutrient-booster

- Flour-replacement in baking (and waffles!!)

Ingredients: Love, Oats*, Flax seeds*, Pea protein, Raw buckwheat groats*, Raw sunflower seeds*, Chia seeds*, Sugars (Coconut sugar*), Cocoa powder*, Cinnamon*, Sea salt, Stevia extract


May Contain: Wheat, Milk, Egg, Peanut, Sesame, Soy and Tree nuts

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