Mogiana Coffee Organic Medium Roast Whole Beans 340 g.

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Notes: This earthy, balanced organic coffee delivers a remarkably mild and smooth taste. Hints of toffee and cashew nut lend a buttery sweetness to this roast. It makes a wonderful breakfast coffee that will brighten your morning and nurture your spirit

Mogiana Coffee – From Our Family’s Farm to Your Cup:

Mogiana's traditions began in 1890 when their great grandfather started their family’s coffee farm in Brazil. His dedication to superior quality coffee and sustainability has carried over into the company’s core values today.

Most of their high quality Arabica beans are sourced directly from our family’s farm. Their coffees are known for their full body, low acidity, and smooth finish. They roast their coffee beans in Vancouver with care and in small batches to ensure freshness.

Mogiana's commitment to preserving quality and tradition is one of their biggest priorities as a growing company and a point of pride that they embrace each day. This is why they say their coffee isn’t just fairly traded, it’s Family Traded. The company works hard to deliver sustainably produced, locally roasted coffee that tastes amazing!

Ingredients: Roasted coffee beans

Mogiana Coffee Organic Medium Roast Whole Beans 340 g.