Frostbites Syrup Co. Elderflower Cordial, 375 ml.

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This Elderflower Cordial has a delicate floral taste with a light, citrus notes, making it one of their more sophisticated cordials. Each flower is handpicked in the spring from an organic elderflower farm in the bountiful Fraser Valley in beautiful British Columbia. The flowers are then steeped over a few days to extract the full vibrant flavour. The Company does not use any dried flowers. Elderflower cordial is stunning in sparkling wine, gin, tequila and vodka. Add a dash to elevate the most basic of desserts

375ml bottle makes, on average 20-24 drinks

A typical drink will use ½ oz to 1 oz of cordial

Ingredients: water, cane sugar, elderflowers, orange, lemon, citric acid.

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Frostbites Syrup Co. Elderflower Cordial, 375 ml.