Biota Fermentation - Charcuterie Mustard, 250 ml.

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Biota Fermentation's methods are rooted in tradition. They are a small batch fermentation company from Vancouver, BC that specialize in natural and traditional preservation techniques to deliver a product that is rich in both quality and live cultures.

The Company is dedicated to producing quality and healthy products. To Biota, this means using local providers, purchasing organic when possible and treating each one of their ferments with love and respect.

Charcuterie Mustard is all about balance. Live kombucha vinegar acts as a probiotic and provides lactic acid for the fermentation process. The whole mustard pops, while the smooth mustard leaves a refreshing heat.

Ingredients: Kombucha vinegar, mustard seed, white wine vinegar, water, onion powder, mustard powder, Vancouver Island salt, turmeric.