Hoochy Booch Bellini Kombucha 375ml

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Aside from its unbelievably bright bold colour, the balance of peach & apricot and subtle citrus finish really shine! 

Our very first ‘booch and what we’ve coined our “gateway booch” for it’s easy drinking profile. It’s bright & perfectly tart with fruity overtones of peaches & orange. Bellini continues to be a crowd favourite at parties & events.

Cocktail Creation: Mimbucha 1⁄4 glass champagne
top with Bellini Kombucha
garnish with frozen raspberries or a peach slice

Ingredients: filtered water, green tea, Kombucha culture, cane sugar, jasmine essence, rooibos, Honeybush, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, rosehips, hibiscus, black tea, marigolds, orange peel, apple bits, safflower, hibiscus, natural flavours.

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