ILCS Community Partner is partnered with Immigrant Link Centre Society (ILCS) to help reduce our food waste and feed our community!



Immigrant Link (aka Immigrant Link Centre Society) has been in existence for five years. ILCS redistributes perishable surplus food that’s still viable (and would otherwise be thrown out) to new immigrants to Canada who are in need due to low income, vulnerability, refugees in transition, single moms or volunteers. ILCS believes that no one should struggle to obtain the necessities of life.

Volunteers come from 4 continents and over 15 countries with one common goal which is to give back to the local community and prevent food waste.

ILCS receives donations from grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants across the Lower Mainland. The collected food is sorted in boxes by volunteers and delivered to less fortunate families, according to their needs and their requests. At first, they delivered food to students, 30 families, in Vanier Centre once a week. However, during the past few years, the demand for food has become bigger and bigger, so they expanded their program from one day per week to seven days a week in 22 different locations.

ILCS is distributing over 250 tonnes of food value of $ 2,000,000. They are now feeding over 2500 people per month.



ILCS created Soul Bite Food as a social enterprise to help grow and expand their program so they could feed more families. 50% of the profits are donated.

Soul Bite Food is vegan comfort food on a mission to end hunger!

Soul Bite Food’s flaky phyllo pastries, exotic spices, and hearty rolls provide plenty of comfort, especially to vegan eaters. 

You can shop Soul Bite Food products here


OUR PARTNERSHIP redirects food that is past its Best Before Date away from the landfill and into the hands of the amazing ILCS volunteers. Those very same faces we see collect our donated food are the ones behind the incredible Soul Bite Foods we sell online.

Our local community and environment are key values to and we are incredibly grateful for our partnership with ILCS and the difference they are making.