Le Meadows Pantry Fig, Apple, and Earl Grey Jam, Mini - 45ml

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Le Meadow’s Pantry is a small-batch preserving company specializing in marmalade. They make over 30 varieties of shelf-stable jam and marmalade, cooked by hand, all natural, and using mostly local fruit. Founder Genevieve combines old-world techniques and modern taste awareness to preserve that vibrant fruit flavour. Each season you will find unique and delectable provisions for your pantry and your enjoyment.

All their preserves are made in small batches in copper preserving pans or enameled cast iron pans. Each pan produces about a dozen jars at one time. Cooking jams and marmalades in tiny batches is more work, but this is how they achieve such delightful and luscious preserves. Cooking smaller batches captures the bright flavours and the essence of the fruit.

Their preserves are not certified organic, however, using local, sustainably farmed fruit is one of their top priorities. Almost all of their fruit is either wild, sustainably farmed without organic certification, or certified organic. 

Le Meadows Pantry jams are made with local fruit available in-season, and are cooked as quickly as possible to seize the pure flavour of the fruit and keep its intensely fresh taste.

A luscious fig and BC apple jam with a delicate note of Earl Grey tea. Not too sweet, it has the perfect combination of flavours to accompany cheeses and sourdough bread. This jam is made with certified organic figs, Okanagan apples and Earl Grey Tea from Namasthe, a tea company based in Squamish/Whistler. The sugar content is 3 grams less than the leading brand on the market! 

Ingredients: fig, apple, pure cane sugar, fresh lemon juice, earl great tea from Namasthe, natural citrus pectin