Route 18 Real Food started with a couple of friends chatting about health and wellness over coffee. April had observed the impact food had on her son Noah's behaviour, who lives with autism. So she started to dig deep into holistic nutrition. She began applying her newfound knowledge to her everyday life and was so inspired by the amazing results she began to share this info (with incredible enthusiasm) with her long time friend Rhoda.

The two began to explore simple and natural health remedies. Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar became one of their daily regimens. A regime that they did not look forward to due to the unpleasant flavour. They loved the benefits...but disliked the flavour. At that point, the pair set out to find a way to make Apple Cider Vinegar more palatable.

Their new brand, TRIBEACV™ reflects our belief that community, family, friends, and teamwork are the foundation that supports personal and business growth. April and Rhoda believe that joy and wellness go hand in hand. Their goal is to bring delicious, healthy, sustainable and convenient apple cider vinegar products for today's busy lifestyle.

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