Sprightly (Formerly Tao)

Sprightly prides itself on making everything from scratch, which includes soaking and sprouting brown nuts, pseudo-grains, legumes and seeds. This process is called activating and/or sprouting.  Only then legumes, seeds, pseudo-grains and brown nuts become a plant. It increases the nutrients’ bioavailability, nourishes and supports the body’s phenomenal power to heal and regenerate.

Sprightly mimics Mother Nature’s wisdom by soaking and sprouting grains, nuts and seeds. Soaking and rinsing mimic the rain washing off substances that interfere with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Their suppliers are local entrepreneurs supporting local farmers and fair trade abroad. They purchase local first, fair trade and closest to home second. They strive to be green, 90% of their kitchen waste goes to local gardens on the north shore: Edible Garden and Cascadia Society. Everything else is recycled. With all that is necessary to run a food processing facility, less than 10% of Sprightly's waste is garbage!  Imagine!

Learn more about Sprightly by visiting their website.